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Delivering new dimensions in DevOps

Agenor partnered with Scott Logic to deliver a major re-design of its flagship ICEFLO product.

Agenor Technology helps organisations manage complex technology changes. Through the use of its ICEFLO product, its clients can coordinate large teams in an enterprise environment.

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Redesigning the flagship product

Agenor Technology embarked on a major re-design of its ICEFLO application in collaboration with Scott Logic. The next iteration of this flagship product is built on the IBM Bluemix cloud platform, with open APIs and an extensively enhanced feature set.


This partnership is a solid step in our journey to further build and enhance the design and development of ICEFLO.

Andy Smith, CEO, ICEFLO

Partners in devops

The six-month engagement started with a number of onsite design workshops with the Agenor team to better understand business goals, the existing system, and user needs. The output of these sessions was a shared understanding of the target personas for the system, initial storyboards, sketches and concepts.

The Scott Logic team iteratively explored different design directions, focusing on key areas of user interaction. As well as exploring content direction and interactive behaviour through sketches, detailed screen-by-screen wireframes and mock-ups, the team also developed the visual design language (colours, fonts, imagery, icons, etc) – staying within Agenor’s broader guidelines – to feed into the behavioural design work.

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Modern tech stack

We implemented ICEFLO NextGen as a modern web application and, using our extensive experience in enterprise-scale HTML5, chose a suitable set of technologies, including React, TypeScript and D3. These enabled rapid assembly of a responsive interface, adhering to modern web standards.

A server-side REST API was developed in Java, providing an abstraction over the pre-existing Oracle database. The team selected the JSON Web Token standard for authentication, and introduced WebSockets for delivery of notifications and content updates. Real-time chat was implemented via Twilio.

While the new release of ICEFLO looks elegant and modern, its beauty is much more than skin deep. With Scott Logic’s UX-led approach, the design of the application moved from a forms-based interface towards a flexible and user-centric experience. Users can tailor dashboards to suit their specific needs, allowing them to work in a more focused and efficient manner.

Delivered by Scott Logic

  • A collaborative approach to user-centric design
  • A modern web-based solution, built with React, D3 and TypeScript
  • A REST API, together with WebSocket streaming for real-time updates

Murrat Crease

It was a privilege to work with Agenor, both to deliver the initial design and implementation of the application, and to help build Agenor’s internal development capability.

Murray Crease, Scott Logic