Nord Pool: A Powerful Partnership

When Nord Pool wanted to transform the way its energy clients could trade online, it called on Scott Logic to help.

Nord Pool is Europe’s leading power market, delivering efficient, simple and secure trading across Europe. The company offers day-ahead and intraday trading, clearing and settlement to customers regardless of size or location.

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A new, user-centred standard

Nord Pool was keen to overhaul its trading systems so that they set a new standard for usability in the power market.

Nord pool force us to be better, are easy to work with and make projects fun and exciting.

Chris Welhams, IT Director, Nord Pool

A partner you can trust

The teams worked together to transform the day-ahead trading platform, delivering an online experience that seamlessly met customer needs. However, this collaboration quickly turned into a lasting partnership, in which Scott Logic helped deliver a suite of applications that were both intuitive and had a consistent Nord Pool “feel”.

Scott Logic’s experienced team managed the end-to-end delivery of a range of products, from day-ahead and intraday trading to extranet, a mobile app and the Urgent Market Messages (UMM) application. The modernisation put Nord Pool at the forefront of the industry, setting a new standard for user experience and enabling it to deliver a white-labelled version of the day-ahead application to other power exchanges.

A foundation for success

Scott Logic employs professionals who are skilled and passionate about building quality software. However, it was the team’s commitment to collaborating as “one team” that forged a firm link between the two companies.

From the outset, Scott Logic spent a week with Nord Pool in Finland, setting out the methodology and the governance that would define the project. It was crucial to establish how the project would fit with the strategic goals of the company, so a number of workshops were held to understand requirements. Scott Logic also met customers to learn more about their needs.

While Scott Logic took ownership of the projects from end to end, it also provided regular updates to senior management and staff. As well as daily standup meetings, work was split into four-week sprints in which the client was able to discuss progress and influence future direction.

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Following its “Assured Agile” approach, Scott Logic was able to effectively manage the delivery, even as the team size and the number of projects grew.

The UX design team recognised that the systems needed to integrate seamlessly into the daily routines of users. As the partnership expanded to a range of applications, Scott Logic seized the opportunity to develop a familiar “look” that Nord Pool users would immediately recognise, featuring a modern interface.

Delivered by Scott Logic

  • "Assured Agile” delivery
  • "One team" commitment to collaboration

Chris Whellams

"Having worked with dozens of suppliers and vendors over the last 20 years I don’t think I have ever experienced the level of quality, consistency and dedication that Scott Logic delivers."

Chris Whellams: CTO, Nord Pool