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Our People Promise

Our People Promise outlines some concrete, straightforward principles about how we will operate as a company. It underpins a reciprocal promise between the business and our people.

At Scott Logic, we’re a people-focused and purpose-driven organisation, motivated by more than profit. We want to play our part in creating opportunity and generating sustainable prosperity in the wider community and the wider world. We have ambitious growth plans, and we want to ensure that the fundamentals of Scott Logic remain as we grow. That’s what our People Promise is all about.

The six principles make explicit a set of cultural beliefs within the Scott Logic community about the way we want to work here. They build on our Core Values of Excellence, Passion, Collaboration, Respect and Professionalism. The principles hold us true to ourselves and we use them all the time to make – and sometimes challenge – business and consultancy decisions.

The principles are not a set of hard-and-fast rules about clear-cut circumstances. They are a set of shared commitments within the Scott Logic community and we all strive to be pragmatic and reasonable in their interpretation and application. In this way, we are able to maintain a healthy, stable business that works for our people, our company and our clients.

The six principles of our People Promise are below:

We hire with quality in mind, not quantity

We all (including our clients!) want to work with talented people who are passionate about solving real-world problems with technology. Maintaining our high expectations may impede the short-term growth of the company but it is the foundation of our business. When we evaluate candidates, we look for talented people who demonstrate our shared values, and we recognise the varied perspectives and skills required to maintain them.

We don’t expect our people to work overtime

We believe in sustainable long-term productivity and high-quality delivery; excessive working hours go against that. On occasion, our clients ask us to go the extra mile and we may ask for flexibility at such times. We are all invested in our clients’ success and we demonstrate this through being highly productive for them every day.

We don’t let commercial alliances influence our independence and integrity

We pride ourselves on providing sound and unbiased advice by remaining technology agnostic as an organisation. When we form partnerships with vendors, consultancies or other organisations, they will never be exclusive, nor restrict our objective recommendations or ways of working. We approach projects with the open mind required to devise the best solution, even as we specialise and form personal opinions.

We don’t prioritise delivery above the wellbeing of our people

We recognise high-performing teams are healthy and happy teams. We don't knowingly make undertakings that will have ongoing negative impacts on our people, and will always listen to and seek to address any concerns. We understand that delivering on our business commitments in complex engagements isn't easy and we demonstrate our professionalism even when it's not personally a perfect assignment.

We grow through our long-term investment in permanent employees

We thrive on the trust and confidence we have in our people. We believe this is only possible by nurturing a stable, committed community. We invest enthusiasm, effort and trust in our culture and goals as well as individual work to sustain our mutually beneficial working environment.

We don’t expect our people to work in locations that don’t suit their circumstances

Our success is grounded in strong client relationships, built through exceptional work and quality face-to-face time. The travel required for the latter must be balanced against everyone's need for a meaningful life beside work. Within our hybrid working approach, we embrace the empowering benefits of face-to-face time provided it isn’t a long-term personal inconvenience.

Living our People Promise

Graham Odds

Long-term investment

Graham Odds is one of the 40% of our current workforce who joined Scott Logic as a graduate. Over the last 15 years, his commitment to the business has been reciprocated, including having the opportunity to create and head up our in-house UX team. He has progressed to take on board-level responsibilities.

Hannah Pretswell

Quality, not quantity

In aiming to switch from a games industry role to software test engineering, every employer replied to Hannah Pretswell saying, "No, you’re not experienced enough"—until Scott Logic saw the great potential in her and waived the standard experience and qualification requirements to give her a start as a junior tester.

Laurence Pisani

The wellbeing of our people

We take the wellbeing of our people very seriously and support it through our Employee Assistance Programme and healthcare benefits. Our new Mental Health Manifesto builds on our history of supporting the mental health wellbeing of our people – such as this webinar on mental health resilience, run by Laurence Pisani for both internal and external audiences.

How the People Promise shapes Scott Logic

We use the People Promise every day to make – and sometimes challenge – business and consultancy decisions. Here are just a few examples of initiatives informed by our People Promise.

Hybrid working

Our hybrid working approach realises the potential of being productive from home along with the benefits of working in shared team environments and spending time with our clients. We take a transparent approach company-wide, such as our categories of hybrid working.

Family leave

We have enhanced our family leave policies to cover leave for IVF, adoption and surrogacy, and we've extended the total time you can take off at full pay for maternity leave (26 weeks) and paternity leave (4 weeks).

Individual Development Budget

Every staff member is now allotted an Individual Development Budget of up to £1,000 and two development days a year to be invested in your chosen area of development.

Mental Health Manifesto

Our new Mental Health manifesto outlines Scott Logic’s perspective and intent with regard to our support for our people’s mental health. It includes commitments to raise awareness of mental health issues and treat them with the same level of focus as physical health.

If you’d like to know more about our People Promise and roles at Scott Logic, we’d be happy to chat.

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