Peter McHugh

Lead Developer

Peter McHugh

There’s an old adage that it’s better to have five years of real experience instead of one year’s five times over.

It explains why I have now been at Scott Logic for over eight years instead of making like a typical dev and job-hopping every couple of years. My reason for staying is simple: I have been on a definite path since the day I joined in 2012 after graduating from university.

First, I was a graduate working for Morgan Stanley on a mobile web application framework. Because I was allowed to work independently, it gave me a real taste of responsibility from managing the client as well as mastering the coding side.

The next step was a move into a more traditional junior developer role alongside several leads for client projects including developing a currency trading application for a Danish investment bank. The job showed me how Scott Logic ran big projects through effective project management and test resourcing.

After that gig, I grew again, working with an asset management company for over two years, taking a more prominent role. At present, I’ve just started on a project with an energy trading company, which I will be leading. Bring all those experiences together and Scott Logic has helped me progress, expand my responsibilities, and grow my skillsets and people management skills. And that looks set to continue as there are now opportunities to really shape projects and own them explicitly by getting involved from the ground up.

For me then, Scott Logic’s enduring appeal is the sheer variety of work you experience being part of a consultancy. It’s not just technical either – yes, we use different programming languages – but the organisational side too. You get to see how different projects are run, why some clients are better than others, and learn a ton and apply it moving forwards.

Plus there’s a strong collaborative element at the company. If you ever ask anyone working here what they like, the number one reason they’ll give are the people you get to work and socialise with, even during a pandemic whether it’s over Zoom, Slack or during an interregional Bake Off. Just as important, in a traditional product-based company, there’s always a strict hierarchy. However, at Scott Logic, the projects are fluid which helps to foster that open, collaborative environment.

Perhaps the real question is will I still be here in eight years time? Time will tell but with opportunities to constantly grow and learn, that old adage about experiences is as true today as it was eight years ago.

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