Siso Sibanda

Delivery Manager

Siso Sibanda

Believe it or not, my journey into IT began with… a cooling blanket, a commercial concept I was convinced was going to make me millions.

I was at university and as part of an entrepreneur module, I had an idea for a blanket that would use cooling to rouse you from your bed so you’d never miss an appointment again.

Alas, it never made it past the prototyping stage but the people I met through the project – and critically their own approach to prototyping – made me realise you could do things digitally that physically would take a huge amount of time and resources; basically, with software, anything was possible.

I really enjoyed the fast pace of that module and subsequently decided that I wanted to work in IT and joined IBM’s graduate scheme. I was trained in development, testing, business analysis, project management, and consulting skills which gave me a comprehensive grounding in all aspects of the software development lifecycle.

In 2019, I realised I had spent pretty much my entire career at a large consultancy and I felt there was a real risk that I could become too settled in the way I thought. Yes, I wanted the same challenges, the same exposure, but in a different place with different ways of thinking. I began to make enquiries and connected with Scott Logic whose technology blog had blown me away with its breadth of discussion, ideas and approach to ways of working.

I subsequently had several conversations with people from across Scott Logic. The defining moment for me was in an interview, when I mentioned a challenging client situation I was experiencing, the interviewer came up with an alternative suggestion so good, I wrote it down there and then. Importantly, that moment illustrated the very thing that I was looking for – a diversity of thought; a place made up of people who are not only passionate about technology but in the delivery approach and outcomes for the client.

I feel that as a smaller consultancy with a flatter structure, Scott Logic offers me more flexibility in my role. We have a number of internal activities such as bid work, and consultants are encouraged to read and research in the areas where they are passionate; for me, that’s the people aspect of teams and agile delivery frameworks/techniques. 

Furthermore, the senior management are friendly and approachable. They are committed to keeping that small consultancy feel even as we grow. Our People Promise, which ensures that growth doesn’t compromise our values, is measured regularly and the results are shared which allows us all to hold ourselves accountable to that promise.

I was offered a role and soon discovered another Scott Logic benefit – the removal of management layers between me and the client so I am able to establish relationships with a broader set of stakeholders on the client account.

Over these last two years, I have been involved in delivering some amazing projects ranging from working closely with the CEO of a startup to develop a cryptocurrency exchange, to establishing a new product team with a blue-chip client. Sometimes my role involves coaching, presenting ideas into the Delivery Community of Practice; sometimes I am working on a proposal for a prospective client; and other times I am just checking in with the team.

As for the future, IBM gave me a great foundation on which to build my career and a brilliant way to create a large network. I now want to start directly defining my career and dictating its future course – and without a doubt, Scott Logic is the place to do it.

If you’d like to know more about delivery roles at Scott Logic, we’d be happy to chat.

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