Stephen Mangan

Test Engineer

Stephen Mangan

Hooking up the family’s TVs and PlayStations led to a fascination with how tech works.

At school, I soon realised computing was the only thing I was interested in pursuing as a career. That led to a computer science and software engineering degree at Maynooth University. I fell into testing in the third year during an internship at AQ Metrics. While there, I was introduced to automated testing and the basic concepts of CI/CD.

Once uni was done and dusted, I started hunting for a testing job but kept coming up against the exact same problem with potential employees; automated application processes that treated you like a number, not a candidate. Enter Scott Logic, which did the unimaginable: it actually wanted to know you as a person right off the bat, rather than making you jump through pointless hoops.

I flew to Edinburgh for the interview as Scott Logic said it would be great to meet in person. It paid off because I got the job and was soon onboarded via the Graduate Programme. It was a really good experience as there were so many people from so many different backgrounds. Sure, the whole learning process was intense, even tricky, but I loved the challenge and the mentor support.

After four months, I went on to my first official project where I was paired up with a test mentor and worked directly with a client. It felt like being thrown in the deep end – but with armbands provided by Scott Logic’s excellent support.

So far, I’ve worked on two financial services projects and I'm now on a commodity trading job. Each project has been different, requiring a variety of tech stacks and languages. I really enjoy the process because I have to adapt all the time, comparing different tools and seeing which suits which project the best. The latest gig will be the biggest challenge yet as it’s a much larger project with deep collaboration required across multiple teams. We have to ensure there’s a uniform process in place so everyone can work together effectively.

No matter how challenging though, I love the job; that satisfaction of catching issues early, and making sure that an app is in a great state and maintained throughout its lifecycle. Just as important, I knowing I can push for the introduction of new concepts and increased automated testing, which is something I am passionate about. Crucially, Scott Logic offers you a great environment in which to experiment, and the management always listens when you pitch ideas.

Best of all, I know the company will allow me to keep developing my skills and become a better tester, as well as a better consultant. Ultimately, it’s a place where I can accelerate my career, and if I ever want a new challenge, I know Scott Logic will find me one – and provide armbands if necessary.

If you’d like to know more about testing roles at Scott Logic, we’d be happy to chat.

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