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Transforming the public sector

Our innovative approach and dedication to client success position us at the forefront of the industry as we help the public sector drive digital transformation and foster sustainable growth. An increasing number of public sector organisations are turning to us to improve business agility and operational efficiency while delivering real change where it matters – for their users. On this page you'll find examples of what we've helped our clients achieve.

Our work in the public sector

We have supported a number of public sector clients with a broad range of technical requirements, from end-to-end delivery of complex data storage solutions and subsequent governance processes, to UI platform design allowing for more accessible and actionable insights from data.

Our expertise has helped public sector organisations to evolve and improve their services.

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Supporting the NHS at its most critical time

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the UK in 2020, NHS Digital called upon Scott Logic to offer expert advice on their data challenge. With our Social Mission being key to who we are as a business, we were proud to provide pro bono support for the migration strategy and implementation.

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Building strong foundations with data strategy

At a time when so much relies on having accurate and up-to-date information, and having the skills internally to interpret that data, organisations must have a solid data strategy. We have many years’ experience helping public sector organisations get to grips with their data to create the value they’re looking for.

Watch our Public Sector Technology Lead, Pete Chamberlin, speaking at the National Innovation Centre for Data on building a data strategy.

How to Use Data Strategy to Lay the Foundations for AI

Governments and industries worldwide are trying to make sense of the opportunities and risks that AI presents to them. In our upcoming webinar, How to Use Data Strategy to Lay the Foundations for AI, Pete Chamberlin will be joined by data leaders working across the public sector in the AI space. They will discuss the foundations data leaders need to put in place to mitigate the risks and unlock the potential of AI.

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De-risking GenAI in the public sector

We pride ourselves on going beyond the hype, and Generative AI’s rapid rise to prominence means there is no shortage of talk about its potential for organisations. But what about the risks? 

In this white paper, Technology Director Oliver Cronk presents a clear-eyed view of the potential of GenAI, the risks, and a layperson's overview of a software architecture that can significantly reduce those risks.

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Helping the public sector get value from open source software

We believe there are close synergies between the values of open source and the public sector. However, it doesn’t come without risks. We proactively help organisations get value from open source projects, partnering with the Linux Foundation and FINOS to promote education and collaboration.

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