De-risked GenAI concept illustration

White paper: How to de-risk GenAI across your enterprise

Gain an understanding of GenAI risks and the potential to de-risk it significantly

The business potential of GenAI appears to be vast, while many of the business risks are unprecedented. Its rise to global prominence has been so rapid that it's hard for businesses to distinguish hype from fact, and to get to grips with GenAI's real potential to create value.

In this white paper, Technology Director Oliver Cronk presents a clear-eyed view of the potential of GenAI, an outline of the main business and technological risks, and a layperson's overview of a software architecture that can significantly reduce those risks.

Throughout, Oliver cautions you to go beyond the hype to the genuine value – prioritising your business's high-value use cases in harnessing the potential of GenAI, rather than being led by the technology.

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