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Tap the full power of APIs

Find out how the humble API can deliver genuine digital transformation for your organisation

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Read 'Open your eyes to APIs' to understand how the humble API can be the key to unlock genuine digital transformation.

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APIs: the untapped strategic enabler

Organisations typically only use a fraction of the potential of APIs to support their business goals. Used properly, they can unlock genuine digital transformation and free you up to focus on the unique value your organisation delivers. Scott Logic can help you harness this potential.

What can APIs done 'properly' deliver?

Get more from services you use every day

Your organisation will probably already be using APIs in a tactical way, but by promoting them to be a 'first-class citizen', they can help you address a wide range of business challenges, including helping you to connect multiple internal services and to replace inefficient processes/workflows.

Get value from legacy during migration

APIs allow you to shape a more agile strategy in planning your migration away from legacy, forming a key element of a new modular approach to your IT infrastructure. With this strategy, you continue to derive value from your legacy systems even as you incrementally replace them.

Accelerate innovation and time to market

APIs allow you to build software in a better way, creating modular software for reuse. The more API services you create, the more each new product or feature you develop gets a head start, with some of its technical challenges already solved – accelerating your time to market.

Focus on where you add unique value

Your organisation no longer needs to be all things to all people. With APIs, you can ultimately participate in a wider ecosystem of value, enabling third-party providers to meet user needs you would struggle to address, freeing you up to focus on where you provide unique value.

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APIs as a Value Generator

Expert panel from DWP, NatWest and Saxo Bank

Every day, organisations like yours are finding ways to generate new value from APIs – whether in the form of public value, customer value or shareholder value. Our panel of experts—Jacqui Leggetter (Head of Integration (Deputy Director) at DWP), Kevin Dearing (Head of API Ecosystems at NatWest Group) and Benny Boye Johansen (Head of OpenAPI at Saxo Bank)—share success stories, lessons learnt and practical advice based on their experiences of using APIs as a strategic enabler and value generator.

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The oft-untapped business potential of APIs

Graham Odds, Innovation Director

Graham provides a non-technical introduction to APIs and their typical current state in large, longstanding organisations. He illustrates what good looks so that you can be better equipped to cut through much of the technical obfuscation. Finally, he explores the variety of potential benefits that APIs done ‘properly’ can bring to your organisation, bringing this to life with real-world success stories.

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Open APIs – compliance or opportunity?

Nick Betts, Principal Consultant

Nick talks about the real use cases for Open APIs, and how organisations are starting to move from a compliance mindset to seeing the opportunities that opening up data can deliver – from compliance-driven APIs within the banking sector, to future opportunities that OpenFinance may offer to consumers, to the adoption of Open APIs in other industry sectors.

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A fresh look at taking control of legacy

Richard Edwin, Principal Consultant

While APIs have become a trusted approach to tackling the legacy problem, all too often the true value and benefit of APIs becomes lost as other factors are prioritised. Richard considers in this session how legacy dictates our view of APIs and explores how, with a fresh perspective, we can maintain focus on recognising the full value of APIs in achieving control of legacy.

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Developing an API strategy

James Heward, Solution Architect

An API Strategy is vital for focusing resources, aligning stakeholders and ensuring that APIs deliver a good return on investment. James provides his perspective on the major elements of an API strategy and discuss some of the areas to consider when designing one.

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Building modern Web APIs

Mark Jose, Technical Principal

Mark explores in this talk a little of the history of the term API and covers what he considers to be the three most current use cases. He talks about REST and GraphQL, with a look at the evolving standards in the ‘API over the internet’ space. He also looks at how the popularity of Event Sourcing has led to a rise in the number of Asynchronous APIs and how standards are emerging in this area too.

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Unlocking the potential of APIs for our clients

Read about just two of the many ways we have supported our clients to achieve their business goals by tapping the full capacity of APIs as a strategic enabler.

Laptop screen

ACTIV Financial

ACTIV is a leading global provider of real-time, multi-asset market data solutions, with clients increasingly interested in accessing market data from JavaScript applications. We designed and developed a WebAssembly API, wrapped up in a layer embracing the latest JavaScript features and development practices.

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Person using mobile app

Newcastle Building Society

Setting a vision for cloud adoption, our client aimed to build on its robust legacy platform by developing an API layer that would enable rapid product innovation, including its first mobile app, to keep pace with the customer needs of its clients – and looked for a high-calibre local partner to provide UX design and mobile app delivery, and support its cloud ambitions.

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Graham Odds

Ready to harness the full potential of APIs?

If you’re ready to discuss the transformative role APIs could play at your organisation, get in touch with our Innovation Director Graham Odds: