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Helping shape an effective DevOps Culture

14 March 2018

Just ahead of the second annual Fin:Code conference in London this week, it’s great to have a client story to announce!

Rabobank’s London IT department had adopted DevOps last year, and while general momentum was good, there were inconsistencies between the delivery teams that management wanted to qualify and improve upon. As we are a consultancy used to delivering complex, mission-critical, high-quality software to financial services organisations, Rabobank felt that Scott Logic was the ideal partner to coach the teams.

Over three months, Scott Logic consultants worked with the Rabobank team to identify gaps in DevOps practices and to create a backlog of improvements. Quick wins were identified and acted upon instantly, and a longer-term incremental plan was put in place.

The objectivity and neutrality of the Scott Logic team encouraged constructive dialogue in all teams, and the management team saw a notable improvement in the speed and efficiency of software delivery that DevOps promotes.

Read our Rabobank case study to find out more about how we helped shape an effective DevOps culture.