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New FINOS FDC3-compatible desktop agents built in partnership with Scott Logic

14 June 2023

Scott Logic is proud to have led on the development of the FDC3 conformance framework, working in partnership with FINOS and the open source community to build a test suite for the new desktop agents before release. The new versions were announced yesterday at the FINOS member meeting.

Scott Logic CTO Colin Eberhardt said, “Open source software is becoming an ever-increasing part of financial services, and therefore it’s imperative that the industry has standardised ways to build, test and deploy. We’re proud to have been able to lead on the development of the FDC3 Conformance framework, and are excited about the impact it will have.”

As a FINOS Silver Member, Scott Logic has always been an advocate of open source in finance. In partnership with FINOS, we run Open Source Meetup events in London and Edinburgh to foster and grow the open source community in the financial services sector and beyond. The April 2023 event included an update on the FDC3 development from Nick Kolba, CEO of Connectifi. Registrations are now open for our next Open Source Meetup which takes place at Natwest in London on 2 August.

As a technology consultancy with a long history of helping organisations with open source software, we are committed to finding the best solution for our clients. We are an independent, vendor-agnostic provider with an open source first policy. 

You can read the FINOS press release here.