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Application design, build and test

Designing effective technology solutions is integral to the success of your business. They need to be designed for today’s tasks, and anticipate and enable your organisation’s needs in the future. In order to help you achieve these ambitions, our delivery teams work collaboratively with you following a unified, multi-disciplinary Agile approach based around a number of key themes that we believe will align well with the client’s culture and principles.

Our Agile delivery approach draws on Scrum and SAFe, and is underpinned by a focus on engineering excellence, including a strong DevOps culture in all we do. Consistent with key principles of Agile, we work iteratively and incrementally, with a clear focus on value; driving speed to market and early return on investment (ROI). Additionally, we apply a robust project management and governance approach to ensure our clients have visibility of progress and retain control throughout the lifecycle.

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Users first

Creating the perfect user experience means appropriately marrying your business goals with your users’ needs and desires. Everything we do stems from a thorough understanding of both sides of that relationship.

Our pragmatic, collaborative approach to design focuses on business value, delivering a meaningful end-product with minimal waste. Short, iterative cycles create frequent and natural checkpoints that allow for quick and inexpensive changes in direction or focus, resulting in better informed and more effective projects.

Engineering for value

Our engineers are passionate about their craft, they are technology-agnostic and take a cloud-first, open source approach wherever practicable – lowering capital investment while benefiting from delivery accelerators.

In addition to our iterative and incremental approach, we draw on various techniques – including TDD and BDD – to drive quality and maintainability, with frequent releases using CI and CD, underpinned by a DevOps culture to facilitate short cycle times and true business agility.

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Quality focus

Robust testing practices protect your business. By employing the right testing procedures in our delivery process we ensure quality, accelerate delivery, build safeguards against future technology threats, and reduce the long-term cost of ownership.

Our test engineers develop strong testing frameworks to focus on key functional and non-functional assurance of the application. They are embedded within the delivery teams, and work collaboratively throughout the iterative process to ensure quality is hard-baked into the software, and not an afterthought. Our focus is always on creating a long-term, maintainable application that can bring immediate benefit to your business.

Collaboration and knowledge transfer

Collaboration is at the core of how we approach our engagements. This starts with a transparent culture of delivery – we expect our client stakeholders to work alongside us in defining and tracking work backlogs, and seeing clear progress through live working software at all stages. This should mean no surprises. As a client, you can influence the direction of the project as it happens, and scale the number of team members up and down as required.

Additionally, we are happy to embed your staff into our teams, to upskill in the application being delivered, and in the world-class delivery and engineering techniques we employ. In this way, should you wish, you are fully equipped to take on support and maintenance as the system transitions to live.

The success of our engagements is founded on key pillars:

A record of achievement

Track record of 15+ years building and nurturing successful relationships, advising clients on design and technology choices, managing full end-to-end project delivery.

At home in complexity

Market-leading technical thought leaders and innovators in complex, regulated environments.

High-calibre permanent staff

We invest in high-calibre permanent staff and don’t use contractors, ensuring that our teams are genuine teams of consultants who live and breathe our company ethos. We are totally unaffected by changes to IR35 regulations.

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