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Agile and DevOps

The path to faster development and deployment

Adoption of agile and DevOps is increasing across every sector, but the journey to maturity is far from easy. Perhaps you’re running IT or digital transformation projects using agile, Scrum or Kanban, but you’re not sure you’re doing it right. Perhaps you’ve successfully delivered agile IT projects, but you’re finding it hard to scale to portfolio or programme level. Or maybe your IT department is running smoothly with agile practices, but the challenge is now to extend this to other parts of your organisation?

Wherever you are on your journey, our consultants and coaches can ensure your transformative journey into digital is a successful one.

Our delivery approach is built on a set of key principles which improve performance and results:

Simplicity and pragmatism

We adhere to the principles of the Agile Manifesto and the Scrum Guide, even at scale, to keep things uncomplicated. This pragmatic approach has helped our customers achieve success time and time again.

Value creation at a sustainable pace

Whatever value means to you, we know that delivering a valuable product for your customers is paramount to your success. We focus on transforming your organisational capacity to deliver value, always promoting a sustainable development pace.

2 developers in an agile environment

Continuous improvement and learning

Agile and DevOps ways of working require cultural and behavioural changes throughout your organisation. Our coaches are perfectly positioned to help you build an enterprise-wide agile and DevOps capability to deliver high quality, valuable products whilst stimulating a mindset of continuous improvement and learning.

Empirical and disciplined approach

Our coaches and professionals bring with them diverse and deep experiences, backed by disciplined agile and DevOps ways of working, to support the full delivery lifecycle. By using an empirical process where progress is measured through observation of reality, the result is predictable, high-quality value creation.

Working with Scott Logic will enhance and accelerate your journey into digital:

Maturity assessments

We can provide a disciplined approach to assess your current maturity state on agile or DevOps practices, and an incremental plan for improvement that is actionable immediately. This will increase your ability to respond to changing business conditions and ensure you’re better placed to harness innovation through successful delivery.

Coaching and mindset enablement

Our coaches can help you maximise performance at individual, team and organisational level. By encouraging and enabling the adoption of a continuous delivery and DevOps mindset, you’ll see tangible benefits – from reduced release risk and improved feedback cycles, to streamlined delivery and a truly agile way of working.

Agile and DevOps professionals

Our professionals are multifaceted professionals and subject matter experts with deep real-life agile and DevOps experience. We’re happy to hit the ground running as individual deliverers or as part of new or existing Scrum teams, and we’re able to support medium- to large-scale portfolio and programme level transformations, with immediate impact.

Evidence-Based Management

In advising and implementing new agile and DevOps practices, we use an empirical approach to measuring value. This focuses primarily on the value your organisation delivers to customers, internally or externally, which in turn focuses the project team on measurably improving outcomes, reducing risk and optimising investments.

Bespoke training

Bespoke and targeted training is an inherent part of building a strong capability for transformation. We aim to include everyone in your journey to a higher level of understanding, cultivating similar knowledge, skills, attitudes and cultural behaviours.


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