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Bespoke software development Bespoke software development

As your business grows and diversifies, you need your software to meet challenges and deliver new opportunities. All too often, the creation of effective software can be restricted by available staffing and resources, lack of technology expertise, and unclear project aims.

Scott Logic has tackled complex, business-critical problems for some of the world’s largest financial institutions. You can influence the direction of the project as it happens, and scale the number of team members up and down as required. We know what technologies are out there, adopting a process of agile, iterative testing and delivery that keeps you in the loop

What we

Every Scott Logic project is founded on a key set of principles:

Take design seriously

We ensure that every system we build is fit for purpose. We avoid over-engineering, and favour simplicity above all else.

Review code - always

Our developers don’t just see code reviewing as a “tickbox” exercise, but as a chance to spot over-complications, potential issues, and to share knowledge.

Release often, with confidence

We adopt Continuous Delivery practices, ensuring there is a rapid pipeline from development to test and production.

Continuous integration and automation

We consider testability during the design and build phases, and automate where possible. This creates an environment where failures are spotted fast.

How we can
help you

Our team of skilled consultants can help you in a variety of ways:

Augment your skills

Lack of staffing or resources can slow your operations, and limit your ambitions. If you have a project that requires extra help or expertise, our team can seamlessly integrate with your in-house talent to help you achieve your goals.

Assess your project, and adjust

We work with you to agree goals for a project in advance, and work tirelessly to deliver them. Our agile approach also means you can assess and guide the direction of the work, and collaborate with us to ensure it meets your needs.

Improve your processes

We adopt a DevOps mindset on projects, and can help improve your development infrastructure and processes as part of our standard consultancy services. Realise the benefits of being able to release quickly, and keep software deployable through development.

If you'd like to know more, please contact our Technology Director, Colin Eberhardt.
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