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Delighting your users with world class experiences

Consumer-facing software is continually raising the bar in user experiences, creating expectations that all other sectors must now meet. Technology solutions need to be designed with your users top of mind, and built with quality and security front and centre.

Our teams couple design skills with extensive experience in creating complex applications to help your organisation meet its objectives.

Royal Bank of Canada

Adding value to complex environments

Trading platforms are complex applications with sophisticated users, or at least that is the prevailing assumption. When we embarked on rebuilding RBC’s legacy trading platform, our user research revealed a long-tail of occasional users, whose needs were not served well by the existing platform. Our solution was sympathetic to the needs of these users, with ease of use reflected in the design.

Building intuitive user experiences

Good UX design doesn’t just happen; it’s the result of a meticulous, user-centred approach. From the initial encounter your user has with you to the final interaction, every step of the journey is skillfully influenced.

Beyond simply looking good, we pride ourselves on always creating a long-term, maintainable application that can bring immediate benefit to your organisation. UX encapsulates everything from how easy the application is to navigate, to how intuitively it responds to user inputs.

Nord Pool app

Small screen, big impact

We wanted the app to look great and be simple and intuitive. The team at Scott Logic made things very easy for us – there was no cumbersome project planning, or long winded specification process.

Chris Whellams, CTO, Nord Pool Group

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Inclusive by design

We abide by the principles of inclusive design and can help you apply them too. Watch our webinar 'Inclusive Design: How diversity is the key to building better technology' to learn more.

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