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The future of retail banking

Technology changes are driving the evolution of retail banking, with expectations to shape hyper-personalised customer experiences, utilise AI to drive efficiencies, all whilst complying with ever-evolving regulations. 

With two decades of experience in helping financial services organisations achieve their strategic goals through technology, Scott Logic can support you to modernise infrastructure to gain the business agility to challenge the Challengers and delight your customers.

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How to become the bank of 2030

As a global pioneer in Open Banking, the UK banking sector has changed radically in the last few years, arguably redefining what it means to be a bank. 

So, what might the bank of 2030 look like and how can you prepare?

How to become the bank of 2030 shares expert insights and illustrative stories on the required foundations, back/middle-office functionality and customer-facing services that will allow your bank to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

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How we de-risked a GenAI chatbot

We delivered a successful proof-of-concept GenAI chatbot for a large retail bank. Watch this demonstration of how we de-risked the chatbot's interactions and gain insights into our recommended approach.

Exterior of Saxo Bank HQ

Accelerating Saxo Bank's cloud journey

After a period of significant organic growth, Saxo Bank needed to accelerate its cloud journey for its open API services. Its partner Scott Logic proactively recommended an agile approach to improve the scalability of a key customer platform whilst keeping costs down.

With our low-cost, high-impact approach, we delivered a robust open-source cloud architecture at pace. From Proof of Concept to migrating services to the cloud, we were continuously able to demonstrate improvements to Saxo Bank stakeholders through performance metrics.

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Newcastle Building Society app

Newcastle Building Society: Driving customer value

We partnered with Newcastle Building Society to design, develop and launch its first mobile app which garnered outstanding customer feedback. We also worked with our client to establish a robust cloud infrastructure in which the app would be hosted, initiating their cloud journey.

Our work with Newcastle Building Society yielded even more success as the cloud migration and knowledge transfer to the in-house team created a resilient, high performing cloud architecture to unlock the potential for rapid product innovation.

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