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Being a software tester at Scott Logic

Putting quality at the heart of software development

At Scott Logic, testing is not a “tick-box” exercise at the end of a project. Our test consultants are participating members of software teams, helping to deliver quality solutions and enhance client relationships. As a tester at Scott Logic, you’ll help our clients to embed effective, agile testing procedures that improve quality, speed up delivery, and build safeguards against future technology threats. Testing is a fast-growing function across our business and we are looking to grow the team significantly this year. Read more about our agile approach to software testing.

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Senior Test Engineer, Newcastle

"I sent out CVs but every potential employer came back, saying: 'No, you’re not experienced enough'. I was stuck, and then Scott Logic gave me a chance. I think the company took notice of me because I was so honest about my lack of experience and stated that I just needed an opportunity to learn and prove myself."


Test Engineer, Bristol

“I was thrilled to be hired and was enrolled on the Graduate Programme... The great thing was all the graduates were located in the same open area of the office, so you could get feedback from someone who was coming to the end of the scheme or reach out for help from employees.”



Test Engineer, Edinburgh

"I started hunting for a testing job but kept coming up against the exact same problem with potential employees; automated application processes... Enter Scott Logic, which did the unimaginable: it actually wanted to know you as a person right off the bat, rather than making you jump through pointless hoops."

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Our commitment to open source

At Scott Logic, we believe that open source offers immeasurable benefits and are keen to see increased adoption, while tackling the sustainability challenges. There are four main ways by which we deliver on our commitment, through Consumption, Contribution, Creation and Partnering. We are actively involved in the open source community, partnering on research, running meetup groups, and sharing our thought leadership.

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Beyond the Hype podcast

Beyond the Hype is a monthly podcast from the Scott Logic team where we cast a practical eye over what is new and exciting in software development – everything from Kafka to Kubernetes, AI to APIs, microservices to micro-frontends. We look beyond the promises, the buzz and excitement to guide you towards the genuine value. You can subscribe here to Beyond the Hype and listen below to the latest episode.

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