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Being a UX designer at Scott Logic

Working in tight-knit teams to create brilliant user experiences

Through a robust approach to research and exploration, and a strong collaborative design process, Scott Logic UX designers are playing an increasingly important role on all our client projects. All our designers are comfortable working across the full lifecycle of projects, from inception through to delivery, in cross-functional teams. If you enjoy bringing the voice of users to the table and solving complex problems, there are opportunities to join our fast-growing team across our Edinburgh and London offices.

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Design Principal, Edinburgh

“I love the job as it’s always rewarding to help clients understand what they need from, say, their app and how to make the UX work for their customers. Best of all, no two days are ever the same; there are challenges and variety baked into the role because you’re a consultant. I never feel as if I’m being pigeonholed or told to stay in my ‘box’.”

Graham Odds


Chief Strategy Officer

“I’ve always wanted to be part of an organisation that actively encourages you to explore new territories. The fact that I’ve now been at Scott Logic for 15 years is testimony to the fact that the company lets you do just that. You really can’t ask for more from a job.”



Lead UX Designer, London

“I want to expand the design team, encouraging practices that continue to nurture our great talent. I also want to keep shaping and promoting Scott Logic's UX capability in the market. Ultimately, my goal is simple – to build on our reputation for offering a premium UX service to all our clients.”

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Our commitment to open source

At Scott Logic, we believe that open source offers immeasurable benefits and are keen to see increased adoption, while tackling the sustainability challenges. There are four main ways by which we deliver on our commitment, through Consumption, Contribution, Creation and Partnering. We are actively involved in the open source community, partnering on research, running meetup groups, and sharing our thought leadership.

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Beyond the Hype podcast

Beyond the Hype is a monthly podcast from the Scott Logic team where we cast a practical eye over what is new and exciting in software development – everything from Kafka to Kubernetes, AI to APIs, microservices to micro-frontends. We look beyond the promises, the buzz and excitement to guide you towards the genuine value. You can subscribe here to Beyond the Hype and listen below to the latest episode.

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