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Software testing

Don’t let testing become a bottleneck

Read our guide on how to change your team culture to deliver better agile projects.

Read our testing guide

A robust testing practice protects your business. With the right testing procedures, you can improve quality, speed up delivery, and build safeguards against future technology threats.

Our testing consultants will collaborate with you to create strong testing systems. Whether you need advice or delivery, our focus is always on creating a long-term, maintainable solution that can bring immediate benefit to your business.

Scott Logic’s approach to testing is underlined by these principles:

Testing is everyone’s responsibility

We believe that agile testing helps to spot issues quicker. But for this to work, it needs to be embraced by all project members, from developers to business analysts.

Embed testing from the start

Testing is not a final check before code is released. Testers should be participating members of a software team, even in the earliest stages.

Feedback frequently

Rather than flag up a long list of issues late on, testers should have an open channel of communication with developers, raising issues that can be addressed as the project continues.

Testers should be versatile

The most valuable testers should be able to work with code, ask important questions, and understand the wider goals and aims of the company.

A QA tester analysing code

As a software consultancy with a breadth of knowledge beyond testing, we can deliver complex projects across multiple specialisms:

Add automation to your testing

We can review your current systems to ensure you have the right tools and processes for dependable automation. We are tech agnostic and will ensure that the framework we put in place is most suited to your aims.

Adopting agile approaches

Our approach to agile testing includes automation, test-driven development and continuous integration. We can also augment your team and actively deliver agile testing in your business.

Transform your practice

If you need to make large improvements to your testing practice, we can conduct a strategic review and deliver a practical transformation strategy with clear methodologies. We can also help you deliver and execute the plan directly.

Laurence Pisani

If you'd like to know more, please contact our Head of Consultancy (London), Laurence Pisani

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