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From capital markets and commodities to complex public services, we work closely with our clients on a range of technical projects. These range from short design and build cycles, to long-term consultancy projects encompassing data engineering, software development and testing, technical strategy and complete agile delivery.

Case studies
Nord Pool

Nord Pool Mobile app development

Nord Pool is Europe’s leading power market, delivering efficient, simple and secure trading across Europe. Our UX team designed a new mobile app to showcase their energy market prices, managing all technical and commercial aspects of delivery, including beta-testing, submission to the App Store, and creation of a clear landing page to encourage download.

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Nord Pool

Nord Pool A powerful partnership

When Nord Pool wanted to transform the way its energy clients could trade online, it called on Scott Logic to help. Our team managed the end-to-end delivery of a range of products, from day-ahead and intraday trading to extranet, a mobile app and the Urgent Market Messages (UMM) application. The modernisation put Nord Pool at the forefront of the industry, enabling it to deliver a white-labelled version of the day-ahead application to other power exchanges.

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Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank Award-winning trading platform

With 20% of Saxo Bank’s retail trading taking place through mobile devices, they needed a new platform to work seamlessly across a wide range of devices. Scott Logic created a key component of SaxoTraderGO, the HTML5 chart, which enables interactive trading, with users able to drag and drop orders directly onto the chart.

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NEX Regulatory Reporting

NEX Regulatory Reporting UX Strategy and platform redesign

NEX Regulatory Reporting is a leading transaction reporting provider with proven solutions across multiple regulatory regimes. We worked with them to design a regulatory reporting platform with an intuitive user interface, that enables users to process large volumes of data and deliver final reports to regulators with a high level of transparency.

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Activ Financial

Activ Financial WebAssembly API development

ACTIV is a leading global provider of real-time, multi-asset market data solutions, with clients increasingly interested in accessing market data from JavaScript applications. We designed and developed a WebAssembly API, wrapped up in a layer embracing the latest JavaScript features and development practices.

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Rabobank Coaching in DevOps

Rabobank is an international financial services provider serving approximately 8.7 million clients around the world. Our consultants worked with their London IT Department as part of its transformation to DevOps, to develop a solid model that would improve performance, and build a more cohesive culture of collaboration and communication.

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Bristol Pound

Bristol Pound Mobile app development

Bristol Pound is the UK’s first city-wide local currency, but users wanted a more effective way to manage their accounts and transact from their mobile devices. We developed a new app, built on top of the Cyclos banking platform, using their open REST APIs and React Native, a high-profile Facebook-backed project. This enabled the creation of a native-quality app for both iOS and Android from the same code-base.

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Agenor UX-led platform redevelopment

Agenor Technology helps organisations manage complex technology changes. Through the use of its ICEFLO product, its clients can coordinate large teams in an enterprise environment. We helped to develop its next iteration of this flagship product, built on the IBM Bluemix cloud platform, with open APIs and an extensively enhanced feature set.

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Scandi Financial Services

Scandi Financial Services Agile software testing

A Scandinavian financial services company that had never integrated testing in development needed to improve their existing FX Trading application. We built a better version of their app, quickly and efficiently, thanks to our integrated smart testing practice. This project was shortlisted as a Finalist in the European Software Testing Awards 2017, in the Best Agile Project category.

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ADLINK UX strategy and platform design

ADLINK supplies data connectivity solutions, tools and professional services. Their products enable connectivity between cloud services, enterprise applications, mobile devices, and embedded systems. We worked with them to create an intuitive interface for their new product, Vortex Edge Connect.

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Acuris Intelligence on the move

Leading financial intelligence provider Acuris needed a mobile application that would help them adapt to the changing customer landscape. We delivered an app that could supply detailed financial news and intelligence from anywhere, and at any time.

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Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Foreign and Commonwealth Office Serverless data pipelines

Analysts working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) require quick access to a huge range of data and a space to exchange ideas and information securely. We designed and built a new cloud platform using AWS that was intuitive and easy to use. The architecture was designed to be secure from the outset, whilst allowing for easy expansion and development.

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